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Premium Restorations

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Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge

An ideal alternative to bar and overdenture treatment for fully edentulous patients, as well as a fixed alternative to partial or full dentures, screw-retained hybrid bridges combine the esthetics and durability of full-contour zirconia with the stability of an implant-retained prosthesis. Designed to fit any patient’s needs using Bio-Dent’s cutting-edge digital workflow, screw-retained hybrid bridges are the latest treatment alternative to traditional removables.

Focus Parameters For Screw Retained Crown Or Bridge

The advantages that screw retained implant crowns offers to patients include -

  • * Better hygiene - The retention process is extensively done inside the soft tissue areas of mouth, hygiene care has to be taken to avoid any tissue damage. The lack of hygiene could lead to more risk in proper, and healthier recovery of patient.

  • * Screw loosening - Extreme care needs to be taken about the way screws are bound, mechanical tools are present that fix the screw to particular torque level. There could be high chances of complicated treatment process, when screw is loose upon retention.

  • * Accessibility to mouth - Doctors need to have care about accessible regions of mouth to use screws in interior oral parts, else it could hurt and cause injury to the patient.

  • * Retention - Proper retention needs abutment height, and surface area. Screw retained crowns are helpful in situations where limited inter-arch space need an abutment shorter than 5mm.

  • * Retrievable - This is the main advantage that these crowns offer. It can easily be removed or re-tightened as per need of the patient. Crown can be easily removed in case of crown fracture, loosening, or damage.

Screw retained crowns have provided ease in implantations, just with little care, it could lead to better output as compared to such similar solutions.