Implant surgical Guide

Eazy Surgical Guides

Improve outcomes and save chair time when you use Eazy Surgical Guides during surgery. Ensure perfect angulation, perfect depth and perfect placement by transferring case planning to a digitally fabricated surgical stent. Eazy dental surgical guides are printed from scans to ensure ideal precision in every phase of implant surgery, and printed with translucent resin to allow a perfect view of patient anatomy.

Bio-Dent Dental Implant Surgical Guides

Our Dental Surgical Guides are Computer assisted design and manufacturing surgical guide- Popularly known as CAD/CAM based surgical guide, it uses advance computerized scanning for planting of rehabilitations. These scanned images are converted in the data form that are accessed by software. These software transfer pre surgical plans into site by correct use of stereolithographic drill guides. The advantages that dental implant surgical guides offer include three dimensional visualizations, and optimized biomechanical view.