Bring digital design capabilities to your laboratory with CAD/CAM software packages developed exclusively for the dental industry. Because every laboratory’s needs differ, Biodent dental Laboratories offers a wide range of CAD software packages that integrate with any open-architecture scanner and milling system.

exocad® Software

Because we want our technicians to get the most out of their scanning technology, Bio-Dent customized exocad® software to put more power into your hands. With standard modules such as Crown & Bridge, Basic and Anatomic copings, Inlays, Onlays and Wax-ups, it’s upgradable to design implants, bars, and bite splints.
Bio-Dent’s customized version ships with TruSmile technology, allowing real-time rendering of dental restorations at nearly photographic quality.

SUM3D Dental

An open CAM system that allows data import from all open-format CAD systems, SUM3D dental was developed for use in dental milling machines. Easy to use, it supports milling zirconia, titanium, chrome cobalt, wax and other popular materials. Its customizable tool paths are capable of milling restorations and abutments on 3-, 4- or 5-axis machines.


Optimized CAM software for our VHF milling machines, V-Cam provides optimized tool paths for milling zirconia, glass ceramics, titanium, chromium cobalt and other disks.
For more information on Bio-Dent Laboratory’s exocad software packages, or to place an order, contact Bio-Dent at 800-517-5250.

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