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Bio-Dent specializes in assisting clinicians to utilize their digital scanning technology. We utilize computer-aided design and manufacturing during every step of the process to produce the best-fitting results for your patients. Our laboratory accepts all major scanning formats, including Sirona CEREC® platforms, the Align Technology iTero™, Carestream Dental’s CS 3500 and 3600, the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, and 3Shape’s TRIOS®.

The data is transferred once a clinician captures an impression with their scanning unit. Systems using proprietary connection portals send data through the approved connections shown in the respective system’s manual. Open systems download the scan data from their impression unit and transfer it directly to Biodent dental lab by following the “How to Send File” instructions for your scanner in our menu below.

3M™ True Definition

3M™ True Definition

The 3M™ True Definition, precise to less than 5 microns, has a demonstrated fit rate of 99.7 percent, allowing most crowns to seat with absolutely zero chairside adjustment. Simple software and display features allow operators to view and evaluate scan quality chairside — and with the smallest wand on the market, it puts the patient’s comfort first. Outputting in open-architecture STL files, the 3M True Definition is compatible with all standard CAD/CAM systems.

3Shape Trios®

Shape Trios®

The 3Shape Trios® combines an impression scanner and an intraoral camera with shade-matching capabilities into a single wand, allowing it to offer the broadest range of indications of any intraoral scanner on the market. Remarkably versatile, the scanner does not require powder or sprays to operate, speeding scan processes and improving patient experience. An autoclavable tip saves on supply costs, and eliminates the hassle of reordering materials.



The Carestream is as portable as it is easy to use, utilizing a unique trolley-free design. The handheld unit not only makes scanning simple, but includes a light guidance system to allow users to capture accurate imaging data — on the first scan. The choice of adult- and child-sized tips makes scanning comfortable to all patients..



For more than 30 years, Sirona has been providing industry leading intraoral imaging solutions. With the capability to provide full-color intraoral photography as well as 3D video, Sirona makes chairside consultation easy. With a full range of indications, including orthodontics, CEREC’s line of scanners are supported by the proprietary Sirona Connect network.


Planmeca PlanScan

High definition scans capture anatomical data from enamel and gingiva alike with a scan refresh rate of 20 scans per second, so scanning doesn’t need to rely on algorithms to supply missing data, allowing you to scan quickly and accurately. Powder-less scans make operation easy, while a 19-inch touch screen streamlines your workflow, and open-architecture STL file output ensures compatibility with every workflow.

Planmeca® PlanScan

iTero Labs

Planmeca’s Promax 3D ProFace, the PlanScan, can be used for advanced case planning as well as everyday impressioning. Developed for doctors who place a high volume of implants, the Plan Scan quickly digitizes a highly accurate 3D model.