Eazy Implant Complete

We combine everything you need for a successful implant case in our Eazy Implant Complete Dental Implant Package. Requiring only a fixture-level impression, a counter and a bite, all Eazy Implant packages include:
  •  Custom CAD/CAM titanium abutment
  •  Zirconia Crown or noble PFM crown
  • ·Titanium abutment screw
  • Anti-rotational abutment placement jig
  • Laboratory analog
  • Soft-tissue model
Compatible with most major Dental Implant Systems, our Eazy Implant package saves valuable chair time and hundreds of dollars in components. Technical support is available at no cost during case planning, and our implant technicians are always available for consultation or customer service.
Implant Compatibility Chart
7-Year Warranty

We stand behind every custom abutment we fabricate with a limited 7-year warranty. In the event of implant failure or breakage, we will refund the cost of the abutment, crown and implant if the manufacturer will not warranty it.

Full 7-Year Warranty