IPS Empress®

IPS Empress®

The most highly esthetic monolithic restoration available at Bio-Dent, IPS Empress® crowns are pressed from a leucite-glass composite for extremely translucent and lifelike restorations. Ideal for single-unit restorations when cosmetics are vital, Empress restorations’ strength is still comparable to that of natural enamel.


IPS Empress® is recommended for anterior single crowns, inlays, onlays and Porcelain veneers. IPS Empress® veneer is recommended for anterior restorations to block out mild staining, close diastemas or to just enhance esthetics.


IPS Empress® should not be used on patients with malfunctional occlusion such as bruxers or clenchers. IPS Empress® should not be used as custom abutments for cast partials. IPS Empress® should not be used in situations when preparation requirements cannot be achieved. IPS Empress® veneer is not to be used in the case of correcting severe stain situations such as tetracycline.