The most durable all-ceramic crown on the market, Bio-Dent fabricates its BruxZir® crowns with the latest in five-axis milling to ensure your patients receive the most precisely crafted crowns available. Fabricated from monolithic zirconia pucks for unrivaled consistency, BruxZir® zirconia crowns & bridges is available in all 16 Vita® shades. BruxZir® is gentle enough on opposing enamel yet boasting one of the highest fractural strengths of any restorative material on the market.

The variety of crown structures hold significance in the way they work, Zirconia crown have moderations in it to form solid zirconia crown, and BruxZir zirconia crown, with latest crafting tools, and axis milling to ensure that patients receive best fabricated and patiently crafted crowns.The complete line up process has precisely milled and margin contours for providing care to soft tissues of mouth. The restorations exhibit improved translucency and color similarity to the natural definition, and help in restoration options.

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