IPS e.max®

An ideal solution for restorations where cosmetics are essential, IPS e.max® crowns are fabricated from a pressed lithium disilicate with the translucency and shading that rival the esthetics of natural teeth. With a higher flexural strength than traditional porcelain, e.max’s metal-free restorations provide strength and durability.
It is the affordable, and outstanding metal free alternative to PFMs, being offered by dental labs. ips e max bridge & crowns has the best esthetics, and world-class marginal accuracy. The unique lithium disilicate framework adds more strength of 360 MPa for single unit anterior or posterior crown, and 3- unit anterior bridges. The cementing can be done by lower expanding of glass ionomer cements, or by bonding with resin cements as per the indications. IPS e. max has been prescribed to attain maximum esthetics, with virtually perfect occlusion, and contacts that it has. The impressive strength provided is supreme.
We anticipate to work with you in future, to get you availed these first-class solutions that would be loved by your patients.

A look on the Indications

The indications of IPS e.max dental crowns & bridge have been done, keeping in mind complete anterior or posterior crowns, along with the presence of 3- unit bridges, having the most distal abutment in just one pontic with second bicuspid. The computer aided design process indicates absolute anterior or the posterior crowns. The recommendation of Emax Veneers is advised in the case when it has to be combined with the adjacent IPS e.max crown or bridges. Another condition is the achievement of sufficient amount of reduction, as it could lead to indication of original IPS e.max CAD or IPS empress for onlays, Emax veneers and inlays.

Contradictions involved

It should not be used for Maryland type bridges, or in the cases when appropriate preparation requirement cannot be achieved. The application of ips e max crowns & bridge for abutments of cast partials should be avoided. The patients with fault occlusion like clenchers or bruxers should not be allowed for the product.