Full Cast

Full Cast

The most biocompatible option, full-cast crowns are extremely delicate on opposing enamel, making them an ideal solution when cosmetic concerns aren’t an issue. Available with alloys of all grades to meet patients’ budgets, all of Bio-Dent’s full-gold crowns meet ADA specifications.

Alloys available:

  • Full-Cast Yellow Noble: 40.9% Au, 9% Ag, 4% Pd, 1% Pt
  • Full-Cast YHN: 57.5% Au, 28.1% Ag, 2.5% Pd, 0.1% Pt
  • Full-Cast YHN: 77% Au, 13.6% Ag
  • Full-Cast White Noble: 79% Pd, 4.8% Au
  • Full-Cast WHN: 45% Au, 44.3% Pd


Full Cast Dental Restorations are indicated for single zirconia crowns as well as bridges anywhere in the mouth.

Inlays and onlays can also be fabricated as a Full Cast Crown Dental restoration.