Custom and Atlantis Abutments

Custom Abutments make use of CAD/CAM technology to provide customized solution to dental fillings. The implantation comes with a variety of ways, expenses, and modifications as per each patient. The similar solution is of Atlantis abutments that make use of support cement with screws, and attachment retained results to all dentistry implants that require gap filling within the teeth.
This process involves the use of tools to get rid of healing cap, and to remove it. Working startsfrom posterior portions and work towards the anterior of mouth. The placement of transfer coping is done through these tools, and the engagement of each part should be cross checked before tightening of the screw.
Verification of seating of these components must be ensured through the x-ray process. The coping should be separated from the tray, record the impressions by making use of polyvinylsiloxane. Once the impression is done, the removal of transfer coping should be performed through replacement of healing cap. Before sending this to lab, must ensure the fit of impression coping to impression.
Thanks to the capabilities of CAD/CAM production, atlantis custom abutments provide a unique fit that often surpasses those of stock abutments. Our implant department specializes in crafting custom implant abutments to serve your patient’s individual dentition. Compatible with most major implant platforms, Bio-Dent’s custom Implant abutments are a cost-effective treatment alternative to manufacturers’ abutments.
Implant Compatibility Chart
7-Year Warranty
We stand behind every custom Implant abutment we fabricate with a limited 7-year warranty. In the event of implant failure or breakage, we will refund the cost of the abutment, crown and implant if the manufacturer will not warranty it.