Valplast® Flexible Partials

Valplast® Partial Dentures

The leading name in flexible partials for more than 70 years, Valplast® flexible partials Dentures naturally flexes while worn, making it more comfortable and lifelike than rigid dentures. Easily adjusted chairside, it’s also stain and odor resistant, Valplast partials Dentures are highly biocompatible, lightweight and boast a natural esthetic.


It is indicated to be used as removable partial denture, as the substitute for conventional stayplates, acrylic saddles on cast metal partials or flippers. The benefit that Valplast partials Dentures hold, is flexibility, and being a tissue born appliance. The need of invasive procedures gets eliminated by its usage.


The product appliances have to get returned to the lab, and cannot be relined chairside. Patients with bad oral care or hygiene should not get the Valplast partials Dentures done, also a metal clasp is recommended for the case when there exists minimal undercut on the abutment teeth of patient.