Full Denture

Dentures refer to artificial removable tooth or complete teeth set depending upon the needs of patient, that are set up to preserve natural teeth look and functioning to a great extent. For any patient, full dentures are definitely a major investment of trust as well as money towards the dentist. We try our supreme functional and technical ability to provide good esthetic custom dentures to fit any patient’s economic condition. A variety of base materials are adapted by us to provide expert care to your teeth. The customized dentures are availed to provide comfort and activeness in dental treatment, and to avoid patient’s discomfort after the implantation.
Because dentures are crafted not just to meet your patients’ anatomy, but to their budgets, Bio-Dent provides many options to customize dentures. We fabricate our custom dentures from fully flasked and packed Hy-Pro Lucitone® to be resistant to breakage, stains and odors. Dentsply® Classic teeth provide natural tooth anatomy and shading, while optional festooning and stippling provide additional esthetic enhancements.