Fixed - Outsourcing
BioZir FCZ – Outsourcing

The most esthetic full-contour zirconia on the market, BioZir restorations are milled using Bio-Dent’s industrial five-axis mills for lifelike occlusal anatomy. Because BioZir restorations are milled from monolithic zirconia, they’re comparable in strength and appearance to BruxZir® or Zirlux® FC restorations. Stain and glaze services are available, or receive them directly from the sintering oven to apply your signature finish.

BioZir Layered – Outsourcing

An esthetic alternative to conventional PFM, BioZir Layered restorations combine the translucency and natural shading of a porcelain crown with a zirconia substructure. Because of the coping’s light coloration, BioZir layered restorations feature more natural margins and reflect light in a more lifelike manner.

Zirconia Copings and Framework – Outsourcing

Allow your ceramists to apply their trademark build-up to zirconia copings and frameworks. Zrconia’s high flexural strength makes our zirconia copings and frameworks are ideal for everything from single-unit copings to full roundhouse frameworks suitable for overdentures. Bio-Dent mills all our zirconia frameworks and coping using leading CAD/CAM technology, so you can be confident they’ll seat perfectly after your ceramist builds upon them.


A brand Bio-Dent Laboratory that’s synonymous with Full Contour Zirconia Crowns, BruxZir® delivers average flexural strengths that exceed 1,300 MPa. Shading and consistency make it an ideal solution for single-unit restorations, while its strength makes it suitable for everything from three-unit bridges to full-arch restorations. Despite its unparalleled strength, BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Crown is still gentle enough on opposing enamel to make it safe for bruxing patients.

BruxZir® Anterior

With improved, more lifelike translucency compared to traditional BruxZir®, BruxZir® Anterior Bridges delivers esthetics that rivals lithium disilicate dental restorations, making it ideal for restorations in the facial region. With 650 MPa flexural strengths, it is durable enough to prescribe in the posterior. Available in all 16 Vita® Classic shades, it’s the next generation in esthetic restorations.


A proprietary blend of palladium, platinum and gold offers ideal biocompatibility and improved strength when compared to traditional coping alloys. Because of its warm coloration, Captek™ substructures offer improved esthetics for crowns, delivering more lifelike, esthetic shading.

PFM – Outsourcing

Casting copings and layering porcelain crowns is a time-honored technique – though it doesn’t always easily integrate into modern laboratories’ digital workflow. Don’t turn away PFM prescriptions, as Bio-Dent’s Dental Pfm Bridge is a reminder of  why Dental Pfm Crown has been a staple of restorative dental work for decades.

IPS e.max® – Outsourcing

As one of the most esthetic restorative materials available, IPS e.max® is a favorite among doctors who seek a cosmetic restoration. Our pressed Ips E.Max Crowns offers translucency that surpasses that of full-contour zirconia with flexural strength that surpasses conventional porcelain.

IPS Empress® – Outsourcing

The ultimate for single-unit cosmetic restorations, IPS Empress Crown & Bridges provides ideal esthetics when translucency and lifelike shading are a must. Bio-Dent’s technicians are experts at pressed ceramics, allowing your staff to focus on more commonly prescribed prosthetics.

Full Cast – Outsourcing

Bio-Dent Full Cast provides a wide range of alloy options to allow your dental restoration to meet your doctors’ needs and budgets. All Bio-Dent’s alloys meet ADA requirements and are crafted to perfectly match your specifications.

Alloys available:

  • Full-Cast Yellow Noble: 40.9% Au, 9% Ag, 4% Pd, 1% Pt
  • Full-Cast YHN: 57.5% Au, 28.1% Ag, 2.5% Pd, 0.1% Pt
  • Full-Cast YHN: 77% Au, 13.6% Ag
  • Full-Cast White Noble: 79% Pd, 4.8% Au
  • Full-Cast WHN: 45% Au, 44.3% Pd