Removables - Outsourcing

Because dentures are crafted not just to meet patients’ anatomies, but to their budgets, Bio-Dent Laboratory provides many options to customize dentures. We fabricate our full dentures from fully flasked and packed Hy-Pro Lucitone® to be resistant to breakage, stains and odors. Dentsply® Classic teeth provide natural tooth anatomy and shading, while optional festooning and stippling provide additional esthetic enhancements.

Vitallium® 2000

With the chairside adjustability of gold, Vitallium 2000 Plus Partial Dentures gives dentists the confidence to make adjustments as needed. Lightweight, yet durable, it’s an ideal solution for cast partials, particularly when coupled with Bio-Dent’s high-quality acrylic base resin and premium teeth.

Valplast® Flexible Partials

The leader in Valplast Flexible Partial Denture materials for decades, Valplast® Partial remains many dentists’ choice material for nylon-based, flexible partials. Lifelike gingival shading provides the ability to better match patients’ flesh tones, while our dental lab selection of premium teeth always meets patients’ and doctors’ expectations.

RPD Framework

Even if you’re comfortable working with acrylic resins, casting a rigid denture’s framework can be a labor-intensive process. Bio-Dent’s RPD frameworks ship customized and ready for your laboratory to finish with your choice of base material and teeth.